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Static Features

The hub has static features that provide a wealth of information and resources: links to manuals, problem sets, solutions, video explainers, and more. It helps you plan for actuarial exams, case competitions, and individual projects. Take a few minutes to explore and you will find answers to many of your questions.

Dynamic Features

The hub has a forum on Discord which handles interactions pertaining to a lot of core needs: enables you to form teams for competitions and projects, enables professors and employers to propose worthwhile projects, supports discussions about exams, provides space for selling used materials, and more.

Recent Posts

July 14, 2022

My Experience at the UC Case Competition

by Dylan Cervantes

The 2022 UCLA Case competition was my first experience in the actuarial field. I came in excited to apply my knowledge to a team effort. The task required each team of four students... Read more

August 30, 2022

My internship experience at Aon - Tips!

by Aaron Widjaja

Back in May, I applied quite late to the internship because there was an unexpected opening. At that time, I had just passed my second exam (FM) so I thought nothing of it and applied... Read more